Clinical Outcomes

The TRUE definition of quality is reduction of variation about the mean. As quality experts note, unless you have data, you have no business talking about quality. South Bend Spine is a work in progress with the goal of improving hoSpine surgeon second opinion Indiana, Spine surgery second opinion Indiana, Second opinion for spine surgery Indiana, Second opinion for back surgery Indiana, Second opinion for neck surgery Indiana, Spine surgeon Indiana, Spine center of excellence Indiana, Laser spine surgery South Bend, Minimally invasive spine surgery Indiana, Home remedies for back pain Indiana, Home remedies for neck pain Indiana, Home remedy back pain Indiana, Herniated disc Indiana, Non-surgical treatment options for back pain Indiana, Artificial disc replacement neck Indiana, Artificial disc replacement back Indiana, South Bend Spinew we care for back and neck patients over the next year. We will also be tracking and publishing spine clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, which is already in process.

New patients coming into South Bend Spine in Mishawaka, Indiana will complete an intake form that measures their pain level, severity of symptoms and functional status. Three months after their first visit, a nurse will call a random sample of these patients and interview them for functional status, current symptoms and patient satisfaction. This is the most unbiased, statistically relevant method for outcomes analysis.

The clinical outcomes are then analyzed by an outside firm that specializes in tracking spine outcomes, and is involved with other spine centers across the U.S. The following is the type of information that will be measured and published about South Bend Spine, located in Mishawaka, Indiana in the future.

Highlight of Clinical Outcome Measures:

  • New patient severity
  • Percent of patients that receive therapy (either at South Bend Spine or elsewhere) as a part of their care
  • Percent of patients (acute and chronic) who return to work or activity
  • Percent of patients taking 5 or more pills daily for pain relief after treatment
  • Percent of patients who would recommend the clinic to a friend or relative

Quality is a journey, however, rather than a destination, and we are committed to continually improving. The clinical outcome and patient satisfaction data we publish will document our footprints on that journey.

2014 Clinical Outcome Report Card