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Jim: Spine Surgery

Jim had been having lower back problems for years, regularly seeing a chiropractor for treatment. Finally, after exhausting all non-surgical options, he scheduled an appointment with SBO. Jim had a laminectomy surgery on his lower back and is doing great. The pain is gone and he can sleep through the night. Please listen to his story.



Professional back to life with center of excellence approach

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About two and a half years ago Janice began having low back pain, the symptoms were dull and sporadic at first. As time went by, the pain worsened and became more persistent. The long commutes were painful because her symptoms flared when sitting. Janice made an appointment with a local physician to help find some back pain relief. The physician suggested conservative care such as anti-inflammatories for the pain. While this did offer some temporary relief, the pain would soon return.

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Back to helping others after minimally invasive spine surgery
back to work in insurance industry after surgery to relieve a painful back in Indiana

Jodi works in the insurance industry, part of her job involves helping others plan for the future and manage risk. She has always been active, Jodi enjoys exercising in the gym and incorporates both strength and cardio training into her routine.

About five years ago, she began experiencing lower back pain and pain in her left leg. The symptoms were mild and sporadic at first and she tried some home remedies, such as non-steroidal antiinflammatory medications (NSAIDs), to help temporarily relieve the pain. As the years went by, not only did Jodi�s pain not go away but it was getting worse. She visited her general practitioner who encouraged her to continue with conservative care to help relieve the pain symptoms, which she did.

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“I could not do much of anything for about one year. I could not play with my grandkids or take walks. My spine surgery improved my life a lot. I am able to do things again, like normal daily activities. I feel like a new person. I cannot say enough good things about the physicians and staff and SBO. It was definitely worth having the surgery done. I was afraid and untrusting before coming to SBO, but I was taken care of very well. Everyone was great!”
            Lori B.



“The pain I had was very seriously limiting my life. The spine surgery took away the horrific pain and I was able to move again. My overall experience was excellent! Dr. DeLeeuw knew exactly what I was going through, and was very open, honest and caring.”
            Kevin H.



“Having had a high level of pain for several years, I would try to do things as usual (be very active) but it got to the point that I was in constant pain and my activities were severely limited. I was always active and involved in sports, including golf, but the pain became so severe that I thought I would have to give things up – which was not an option! After six weeks of just walking, I was cleared for other activities. Almost instantaneously (after letting the incision heal) I was pain free. I could get out of bed with no problems, tie my shoes, and after 6-8 weeks I got back to many of my activities pain free."



“I was miserable! I couldn’t walk 100 feet without pain radiating from hip to ankle. I could only shop I places with carts and only for short periods of time (20 minutes max). There was no way I could work. I felt better as soon as I was conscious after surgery. I can walk, dance, and shop without pain. I went on vacation two months after surgery and was able to work for long distances. I was worried that I would be laid up for a long time, but I was up cooking in four days and out to lunch in five! South Bend Orthopaedics is great! There was no long wait for my doctor or x-rays. I was really afraid, but now I wish that I had done this surgery years ago.”
            Deborah B.




“My pain would start in my neck and go across my shoulder, literally immobilizing me with extreme pain. I never knew when it would hit, leaving me with the inability to do things I loved for fear of that pain. Plus, I woke up with a headache every morning for years. After surgery, I no longer had the neck pain, severe or otherwise. I can freely move my head from side-to-side. I’m also waking up each morning with no headaches."